Vendors & Affiliates

In an attempt to be able to provide the best service to the policy holder in their time of need, Diversify Management holds all preferred venders accountable at a high standard of requirements for emergency mitigation and restoration. Diversify Management have entered into service agreements with many leading providers. This insures quick response for the policy holder, which in turn helps to get the ball rolling in providing the best possible service in the least amount of time. Currently we here at Diversify Management has agreements with the following carriers that we work with on a regular basis.   Download Application Form

Applicants will under go review after complying with the prerequisites
  1. Complete application
  2. Copy of owners divers licenses
  3. Copy of licenses and bond
  4. Copy of all related Insurances of services
Diversify Management
    Lansing Cleaners
  Platinum Restoration
  Tele Styles

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For more information about thunderstorms and lightening, as well as safety and recovery tips, check out:
American Red Cross
Federal Emergency Management Agency
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