American Catastrophe Restoration
When disaster strikes you get one chance to make sure repairs are done right. The emotional state following a House Fire or Flood is devastating, overwhelming and a feeling of helplessness. It’s tough to be prepared for something that you never saw coming. “Where do I begin?” “Who do I call?” “What should I do?” These are common questions that our clients usually start with. That’s where American Catastrophe Restoration (Am-cat Restoration) comes in to help. We take on the burden of reconstructing your home back to its original condition allowing you to handle your today to day operation as we rebuild you back to whole.

Many home owners have discovered damages three to six months after their original claim. These damages can be the results of water inside the walls, behind the base boards and in the ceiling insulation.

Furniture and clothing may become discolored, stained, split or peel.

Electronics and appliance may cease operating due to smoke or water contamination.

These damages may not be immediately apparent but they get progressively worse if not promptly cleaned or repaired.

Most damage is not always evident at the time of claim. Because it is not immediately visible, huge problems are never addressed leaving home-owners to deal with escalating, future disasters on their own at their own expense.

Did you know that failure to comply with your duties after a loss can lead to the denial of your insurance claim?

Am-cat Restoration also also offers complete pack-out and pack-in services after a fire loss. It's vital that property from a private residence, business office or industrial facility be removed quickly from a loss location to prevent further damage and/or theft.

Do your smoke detectors work?

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