There is no better way to embrace the New Year than to decorate your home with a few special autumn touches. It is actually quite easy to cast that beautiful autumn accent all over your home and to have a warm and cozy atmosphere to it. Here are a few simple fall decorating tips for your home and you'll be enjoying the autumn both inside and outside your home in no time!

American Catastrophe Remolding and Development have adopted an eco-friendly new construction and green remodeling solutions to reduce their carbon footprint and live a greener lifestyle in measurable, manageable, and practical ways.

American Catastrophe Remolding and Development are licensed Chicago-based companies. We strictly endorse all city and suburban building codes and zoning regulations. Our projects not only uphold official community standards, but meet our own criterion for excellence in quality construction and superior service.

Our companies have been in residential building construction since 2000. We specialize in single-family designs, luxury homes, remodels, and repairs. American Catastrophe Remolding and Development combines green construction methods with the latest and greatest building technologies to provide eco-friendly results.

Whether you are in the design stages or ready to begin you home addition, remodeling or new construction project, American Catastrophe Remolding and Development is ready to assist you every step of the way. Our knowledgeable project managers and expert craftsmen will delight you with our level of service and impress you with our attention to detail for your remodeling project and new devolvement consulting.

American Catastrophe Remolding and Development offers a broad range of renovation services, with the affiliation of American Catastrophe Restoration and Preservation We do the little jobs from - painting bedrooms or fix a dripping facet. To handling big projects - remodel your existing home into a fresh, new living space that you and your family can enjoy.

Am-Cat’s Eco Green list of services:

  » Renovations (Home and Commercial Remodeling)
  » Alternative Energy
(Solar, Wind, Geo-Thermal)
  » Painting (Interior, Exterior, Commercial)
  » Flooring (Carpet, Bamboo, Tile, Cork and Sustainable Hardwood)
  » Roofing (Green roofs, Rubber roofs, Shingles, silver coating and eco-star roofing materials)
  » New Home Construction
  » Plumbing
  » rrigation system Installation
  » Electrical
  » HVAC
(A/c, Heating, Radiant Floor Heating)
  » Kitchen and Bathrooms Remodeling
  » Eco-Friendly Painting
  » Energy Efficient Windows
  » Home Insulation
(Icynene, Biofoam, Bio spray, Recycled blue jean insulation)
  » Eco-Friendly Garages

Our renovation specialists are experts in rehabbing older structures. We bring in modern components and make necessary updates, while maintaining the home's original character and architectural significance. We can reinvent your older residence, giving your home a new lease on life and boosting the overall value of your property.

During each and every renovation project, American Catastrophe Remolding and Development takes great care to mind your existing home while construction is going on. Many renovation projects require extensive dismantling and restructuring of main elements of the home. We understand that this may cause an inconvenience to you and nearby neighbors. So we do everything in our power to minimize mess and consolidate major work days, without compromising quality construction or the necessary time to do the job right.

The general contractor (also called the lead foremen) is the main point of contact during your entire renovation or construction project. It is the general contractor's job to make sure everything is running smoothly. They are in charge of all subcontractors and any work done on the site. Without a general contractor, your home renovation would likely take much longer and cost more money. Fortunately, with American Catastrophe Remolding and Development you won't have to worry about it because our general contractor has his finger on the pulse of every home renovation, and all remodeling project.

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